Configuration Fallback on cnWave devices

Configuration Fallback

in cnWave subsystem, every node whether is POP, DN or CN is connected to a centralized controller.
Often it is observed that due to mis-configuration these nodes goes offline and there is no way to fix the problem other than locally connecting to that radio. This can have severe problem to drive to the location of that radio.
Config fallback feature prevents these kinds of situation wherein if a node goes from online to offline after a configuration change, then after a period of ~ 8 minutes, node reboot and fallback to previous working configuration.

This feature wont get activated under following condition

  • When configuration changes are done locally to the node and it is not connected to controller.
  • When on-board controller state is changed. i.e, E2E controller is Enabled / Disabled from GUI.

By default this configuration is enabled but if this need to be disabled, it can be done from Advanced tab of each node.

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