Configuration file loading for PTP450i timing master radio requires initial manual configuration?

 The PTP 450i radios default out of the box to mode: timing slave with country code: none.  This makes sense of course.  However, when I do the following:
  • export a configuration file from a PTP 450i configured as a timing master
  • reset the same radio to factory default
  • try to import the same configuration file
It fails.  The error I get is:
  • 01/01/2016 : 01:30:28 UTC : Info: Variable bandwidth reported error 3 while setting
I'm currently unable to start with a factory default PTP 450i timing slave and to load a timing master config file on it in one step.  The only way I can currently accomplish this is to:
  • reset the radio to factory default
  • manually set mode to timing master mode and select a country code
  • reboot
  • then I'm able to successfully load my timing master config.
Is there any way around this?  It seems like it must be a common scenario....what if I had a configuration backup of a timing master, and the radio had an equipment failure.  I would then want to take a new default unit and make it identical to the original unit from my backup file - without having to manually set country code and mode first.
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Did you ever find a work around for this? currently suffering the same fate.

same problem here any update

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