Configuration information please PTP650

Good evening admin information please cambium PTP650 manual setting, for the master and slave karane currently I'm pairs a distance of 30 km but only got 5 mbps, los field conditions.

send screen shoot please.

The following result ... please guide setting ptp 650 master and slave

You are using the integrated or connectorized model?

You made the correct alignment?

model connectorized

Please help me ...configurasi master and slave ptp650

Please help me ...configurasi master and slave ptp650

Two things stand out:

First the received power is low (about -80 dBm) so the link is never going to achieve a high modulation mode. The link loss is 165 dB. What did the LINKPlanner predict for this link?

Also, the installation mode is still armed, so the link is in any case stuck at BPSK modulation mode.


Mark ..please help me ..I ask how to complete setting ptp radio 650 me, mark and admin

please help, forum admin cambium

manual setting cambium ptp radio 650

The screenshot shows the capacity as 5 Mbit/s transmit and receive. This is the normal capacity for 45 MHz bandwidth, BPSK modulation mode, and PTP 650 with the Lite license.

The link is stuck in BPSK because the installation mode is armed. You cancheck this by an alarm on the System Summary like this:

Install Armed.png

If this is still the case, disarm the installation mode by returning to the Installation Wizard, like this:


Also, the link loss is very high at about 165 dB. This may be related to a non-line of sight path, and the relatively long range. Please use the LINKPlanner to find out what link loss is predicted. If the measured loss is much higher than the prediction, then either the link needs to be alligned more carefully, or else there are obstructions that are not included in the LINKPlanner prediction. To address this, please review the path of the link and check to see if it matches the terrain profile in LINKPlanner. You might need to add additional obstructions to model trees or other objects in the path.

Also, look for the best band. enable extended spectrum scaning (spectrum expert page)

Hai Mr Mark Thomas... sanusi I am from Indonesia, whether you have a guide for setting the configuration or cambium ptp 650 is really the best, if indeed you have please help me sharing configuration for the master and slave to me, because now I'm installing this device ... please ... I am waiting for its support Mr Mark and admin Cambium

your 5.8 spectrum is very noisy... are you allowed to use 5.4. or just test just to confirm whether you actually have a good LOS conditions.

for this case i see your problem is the interference around you. so best option is to move away from this range. we have a 41km link at an los condition and PTP650 really works great at a slightly less interfered frequency.