Configuration of Datadog with cnMaestro Webhooks

Datadog is a service for IT, Operations and Development teams who write and run applications at scale.

Following is an example of how to create Datadog events using cnMaestro Webhooks and custom templates.

Sign up to and set up your Datadog agent.

  1. On your Datadog dashboard, Go to Integration and open APIs >APIkeys.


  1. In the API keys, create a new API key and give a name for the API key created.

Add the API key to<YOUR_API_KEY>, this URL will be used as cnMaestro webhook URL.

  1. Datadog expects a custom JSON payload, following is a simple Datadog specific payload format using cnMaestro webhook variables.


"title": "$DEVICE IP",

"text": “Alarm of severity $ALARM_SEVERITY $ALARM_STATUS",

"priority": "normal",

"tags": ["$WEBHOOK_NAME"],

"alert_type": "warning"


  1. Login to cnMaestro and Navigate to Application >Settings >Webhook.
  1. Click Add Webhook. Paste the URL from Datadog and Expand Advanced configuration.

  1. Once an Alarm occurs, the following message will be published to configured Datadog events. This can be checked in the Datadog dashboard at Events >My Apps.

Learn more about Datadog Events and expected JSON format at