Configuration of SM with cnMaestro

Hello, it's possible to configure more than a DNAT (port forwarding) with a standardized configuration template via cnMaestro?

This question may be related to almost every json table in the configuration of the device.

It's also possible to configure authentication passwords from script?

I've compared two configuration scripts from two different SMs and, with the same password, hashes written in the variable "cambiumSysAccountsHash" are different.

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Same passwords should have same hashes over all ePMP devices.

So you can use this for mass passwords configuration.

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It should be possible to configure any parameters available in the device UI via standardized configuration template.  In addition, device-unique values can be inserted into the configuration templates before they are pushed to devices using replacement variables.  This is documented in the online Help guide.

What specific settings are you trying to configure?  They may help in understanding what you require.

Thank you for your answers.

I'll check again for the password hashes mismatch and will tell you something.

Regarding what I'm trying to configure, this is what I would like to do, if possible.

A customer asks to make a DNAT from his SM to one of his device. It's possible to create a template to configure this on his SM? Answer: Yes, I've already done this.

Tomorrow, that customer asks me to add another DNAT to another device for another port. It's possibile to ADD this DNAT to his configuration with the same or another template?

This is what I've done 'til now:

        "portForwardingEntryEnable":    "1",
        "portForwardingTable": [
            "portForwardingTableEntryProtocol":    "${PROTOCOL}",
            "portForwardingTableEntryWLANPortBegin":    "${PORTBEGIN}",
            "portForwardingTableEntryWLANPortEnd":    "${PORTEND}",
            "portForwardingTableEntryLANIP":    "${INTERNALIP}",
            "portForwardingTableEntryWLANPortMappedBegin":    "${WANPORT}"

Obviously, using that template again is equal to overwrite past configured DNAT and I would like a general script, not one per customer.

Thank you for your help!

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I think I understand now.  You want to add an additional entry to portForwardingTable and preserve the existing entrie(s).

Currently this is not possible to do in a simple way via configuration templates.  When portForwardingTable is set using a configuration template it is completely replaced by what you send to the device.

What you describe would need to be a manual process.  This can be aided by using the View Configuration link for the specific device to find the current value for portForwardingTable and adding a new entry to that to then be pushed via another template.  You may be doing this already.  This does require a new template though.

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