Configuration of SMTP Server Settings in cnMaestro

This article explains how to configure SMTP Server settings in cnMaestro

Steps To Configure SMTP Server Settings in cnMaestro

Here we are considering gmail as example

  1. Navigate to Administration > Server > Settings

  2. Under Configure Email Server, Enable SMTP Server option

  3. Enter port number and host name
    Example: Port number: 587, Host Name:

  4. Enter username and password

    Username is gmail id (
    Password will be app password generated in google account

  5. Enter Sender email address (gmail id)

  6. Select STARTTLS under Encryption

  7. Click on Send Test Mail to confirm that SMTP settings are properly configured

NOTE: Google introduced Two-way authentication for apps integration. Generate password for gmail which needs to be entered in cnMaestro (In Step 4)

Steps to generate app password

  1. Login to gmail account and click on google account on top right corner
  2. Click on manage google account and select security
  3. Click on app passwords under signing in to Google, it will prompt to enter gmail
  4. To generate new password, select app and then device
  5. Click on generate.
  6. Copy the 16-digit code displayed
  7. Enter 16-digit code in cnMaestro under password option (Step 4: Enter username and password)