Configuration of the devices for VLan Mikrotik router, edgeswitch, cambium

I have a core router which is connected to the edgeswitch and NOC. I have two stations now. there are Mimosa links between a station and my office. I'm using edgestwitch, mikrotik router, and cambium epmp 1000 as AP and Subscribe Module.

I hope i can tell the topology correctly to find solutions together

NOC Network Adress,

Distrubiton Network Address
Station 1 Network Address
Station 2 Network Address

My Second Station has a mikrotik, an edgeswitch, 2 APs and SMs

Switch ports are like that

Edgeswitch Port 23 ----->Mimosa
Edgeswitch Port 21 ----->AP1
Edgeswitch Port 19 ----->AP2
Edgeswitch Port 1 ----->Mikrotik

I created VLan 99 in the switch. In the port configuration, i selected vlan99 and I configured port 21, 19 and 1 as include and tagged.

Mikrotik is only connected to the switch on ether 4 port. I created vlan99 interface correctly and i assigned an ip address and network address for it. I made its dhcp port also(It works).


I arrenged its management id as 99.

SM(It's in Bridge mode, not in NAT mode)

I arrenged it management id as 99

The issue is that as u see i tried to create just management vlan. I'm reaching the GUI of AP and SM's of it from everywhere on my network. I want to group new VLANs for each port of APs(VLan10 for port 19, Vlan11 for port21).Actually I'm afraid of disconnect my customers on my second station :)I don't want to make a mistake. I want go throught the right wat. I'm stucked and i don't know how to configure these devices. I need ur help. please share ur experiences and knowlodge with me thoroughly. Thanks..

topolgy and conf. are in the attechments and here

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