Configure cnPilot AP in Router mode from cnMaestro


Here is a nice guide for configuring a cnPilot AP un router mode, from the local HTTPS GUI:

Is there an equivalent guide when configuring it from cnMaestro? I have followed the steps from the first Guide in my AP Group, using the VLAN2 in the WLAN, but something must be missing because the devices are not getting IP addresses from the AP.

Ethernet-1 should be configurated in Trunk mode with the VLANs 1 and 2, right?

Any guide related to this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Netting_Tech,

If the VLAN you're configuring in step 2 is the VLAN the device uses to connect to cnMaestro you need to disable the "Auto-set from Device" option in the device level overrides.  This feature is used to preserve the devices existing network settings used to connect to cnMaestro and is enabled by default.

To check this, navigate to the device dashboard, click the Configuration tab and scroll down to the Overrides section.  There will be a tab called "cnMaestro VLAN (VLAN x)".  If x is the VLAN from step 2, open that tab and disable "Auto-set from Device".  When you apply the configuration cnMaestro will push the settings defined in the AP Group instead of the settings read from the device for that VLAN.

Hi Jordan,

The cnMaestro-on Premises I am using is in cloud, it is accesible through its Public IP.

I just want a very simple configuration, to put the AP in router mode, getting a private IP address by DHCP in the Ethernet port (WAN), and having a DHCP Server for the wireless clients. And I want to configure everyting from cnMaestro

In the real scenario I won´t have direct access to the APs' web interface (locally). Every configuration should by pushed via cnMaestro.

Is there any guide or documentation to configure this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Netting_Tech,

The instructions I posted were for accessing the device dashboard and configuration page within cnMaestro itself.  Apologies if this wasn't clear.  Could you check your VLAN settings there in the device-level Configuration tab within cnMaestro?