configure security on cloud cnmaestro

Dear support,

 i'm vibol from cellcard i'm a customer, i want to configure security on cloud cnmaestro and deploy to all APs group so can you explain me about the ?



The online documentation has a section here for configuring cnPilot devices.  The cnMaestro On-Premises User Guide posted in the Support Center here will also have a section on cnPilot device configuration.

In addition, this Knowledge Base article provides steps and examples for more advance configuration using User-Defined Overrides.

For specific configuration details, such as individual security settings, I recommend posting on the device forum for the device type you are trying to configure.  Meaning R-series (Home) or E-series (Enterprise).  They will be able to guide you on what configuration settings should be used in your AP Groups.

Dear support,

you recommand is configure one by one on wlan but i want to assig to the group of wlan. can you advide on that ?


WLANs themselve must be configured individually.  AP Groups can then map one or more WLANs.  The same WLAN can be used for multiple AP Groups, allowing reuse. 

The AP Groups are then mapped to multiple devices.  Common settings in the AP Group or WLAN can be changed once and applied to all applicable devices.

Are you asking if there is a way to change a setting for all WLANs in a single action?  If so, the answer is no.