Configure switch via cloud for VLAN editing

Hey guys,

I utilize cnMaestro to manage on-prem AP’s and a switch (EX2028P-ED3981). I wanted to know if there was a simpler way (via cloud) to edit switch ports for VLAN trunking ?

Or would I need to go through the CLI And add each VLAN ?

I’m on the dashboard of the switch, and can see ports etc, but having trouble navigating to the appropriate spot to input VLAN’s that I have set for our router.

Any idea where this might be?


Hi Kris,

By setting the switch port to ‘trunk’ mode, the port will be added to ALL VLANs, and egressing tag for every VLAN. To configure a port for ‘trunk’ mode via cnMaestro, you need to access the “Switch Ports” page within the Switch Group that the switch belongs to as shown in the example below. Once you are in the Switch Ports page, search for the desired port and click it. This will take you to the Port Configuration page where you can set the Type to ‘Trunk’. You need to push the Switch Group configuration onto the switch afterwards.


Hey @TamN,

Thanks for this. So if I have maybe VLAN 204, 205 & 206, egressing south of our Mikrotik to the switch - in theory, I’d need to add those to our uplink port on the cambium switch, and doing that for port 3 (our uplink) this should work?

Goal: SSID users connect to an AP, that VLAN is assigned based of the ePSK. Mikrotik handles all DHCP. So I feel like i’m close, but is this the right route? I’d simply trunk port 3 with vlan 204, 205 & 206 etc and we have 12 AP’s connected to the switch.

Hi Kris,

Your thinking is correct. By default cnMatrix switch port is in ‘hybrid mode’ which can carry traffic for multiple VLANs, but you have to manually put the port into desired VLANs, in your cases VLANs 204-206. You can also configure the uplink port in ‘trunk’ mode, which will automatically become member of every VLAN. This way when you add a new VLAN service to the switch, traffic for the new VLAN will be allowed on the uplink port.

Here’s a description of different switch port modes on cnMatrix:

A cnMatrix switch port can be configured as access, trunk, or hybrid port.

Access Mode

A port that can be assigned to a single VLAN. It accepts and transmits only untagged frames. Access port is typically connected to desktop PC or devices incapable of handling tagged frames.

Trunk Mode

A port that is auto associated to ALL VLANs. It accepts both tagged and untagged frames, but only transmits tagged frames, including the pvid. Trunk port is typically connected to another switch or router.

Hybrid Mode

Default mode. A port that can be assigned to multiple VLANs. Unlike a trunk port, user must manually assign hybrid port to selected VLANs. It accepts and transmits both tagged and untagged frames. By default, hybrid port transmits untagged frames for the pvid. Hybrid port is typically connected to servers, APs, IP Phones etc.


Hello, I have a similar problem but cannot fix it. I made port 1 of the switch Trunk port and for port 15 (which is hybrid) I added VLAN8. But is does not work. Maybe this set-up is wrong or maybe some additional steps are missing like adding the VLANs to the AP’s? Is there a complete guide available somewhere? To goal is to seperate guest wifi so that other firewall rules can apply to that VLAN.