Configuring 2 x EX2020-P for redundancy


I would like to know if someone has experience configuring 2 EX2020-P for redundancy, i.e, if 1 goes down due to any reason, the other keeps working or vice versa.

Rough network layout is attached.

Thank you in advance for your comments, ideas or solutions.



what kind of redundancy are you looking for? Active/Active or Active /standby .

As per the diagram, according to me the root bridge should be the cisco core switch. I hope that is correct.

I will set this topology in the lab and share the config.


You can use spanning tree to achieve redundancy with your topology. If there are multiple VLAN traffic from the unmanaged switch and the two EX2028P, you may want use MST or PVRST(per vlan spanning tree) to distribute VLAN traffic from the unmanaged switch to each EX2028P for load balancing. Although it is unlikely the unmanaged switch supports PVRST/MST modes.

Dear Mr. Vijay,

Thank you for your reply.

I would go with Active/Standby. All VLANs would be configured on the core switches.


Hi Zia

Please see the attached text document which has the command for cisco as well as cnMatrix to configure Rapid spanning tree protocol.



Thank you, looks perfect. Will test in 2 days time and let you know.