Configuring cnPilot R using cnMaestro

If you deploy cnPilot R devices, we are interested to understand which parameters must be set uniquely for each customer.   See the list below.  Is anything missing?

Most of the device configuration will be identical from customer to customer.  But a few paramters will be different and we would like to know what paramters you set differently for each customer.  

For example, each device will have a different device name, IP configuraiton (IP, gateway, dns, etc).  We know often times the WLAN SSID and password are uniquely set.  Additionally, we know the following paramters are set uniquely if using SIP or PPPoE.

Is there any other paramter missing that should be in this list?


For each SSID

  • SSID Password

SIP (cnPilot R only)


  • Display name
  • Phone number
  • Account
  • Password


  • Display name
  • Phone number
  • Account
  • Password


Note: Only relevant if the AP Group has “WAN IP Mode” set to “PPPoE”.

  • PPPoE Account
  • PPPoE Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Service Name (Leave empty to auto-detect)

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