Configuring devices with CNMaestro

Not sure how anyone else feels, but I'm simply blown away that we are at version 1.6+ and still don't have an easy GUI to configure devices.  I personally have the skill to modify templates, but tier 1 techs do not.  Issues like reading/changing the SSID/PSK for cnPilot R devices is certainly a tier 1 issue!

It's almost time to switch to ReadyNet who's had these features and integrated with Powercode for the last 2 years...

We are in the process of adding a user-friendly UI to support device-unique values for a variety of WLAN configuration parameters including SSID/PSK.  I believe you've already seen the proposed parameters here.

Have you set up your Advanced Configuration template to use replacement variables?  This is a manual process that achieves much of what will be implemented later.  Specifically, giving a GUI to allow your Tier 1 techs to edit pre-defined parameters on a per-device basis.

The below Knowledge Base article provides instructions for doing this with specific examples for setting User-Defined Overrides for SSID and password in cnPilot Home devices.