Configuring dot1q trunking

Has anyone used dot1q trunking with canopy. I have searched the site and and user manual but can not find anything. Any information would be of great help.
Any information with multi vlan support would be helpful.
Running version 7.2.9

i don’t have much canopy experience at all yet but from the network side setting up a switchport as a trunk would pass all the vlan info to the AP.

I don’t know what the AP would do with it however but would be interested if someone had an answer for this?

I use 802.1q every day in my networks. My WISP network currently uses 14 different VIDs including a dedicated management VLAN for all of my Canopy gear.

What kind of information are you looking for? My SMs are configured to tag all untagged packets entering the wired interface and pass those packets to the APs. The APs are configured to pass only those VIDs I specify. From there the switch ports are configured the same - they pass only those tags I allow and only to the destinations I allow.


so do you have one vlan for all of the AP’s and SM’s and then a seperate VLan for the end user traffic?

Sort of. I have one VLAN for all management traffic - APs, switches, point-to-point radios (BHs), CMMs, cameras, etc. Then, for each tower site I have a separate VLAN - this keeps the broadcast domains small reducing the chances of widescale failure during a broadcast/multicast storm or other data level problem. Beyond that I also have a few VLANs for customers that just use us for LAN extension.


thanks for the response, that gives me confidence as we move forward with putting canopy in our area. We have Fiber to the premise equipment where customers have two locations and we have set up a vlan for them to put all of their locations together so it sounds like we can do the same thing with the canopy equipment.

How do you do this ?
I have a flat network currently.
I want to put router a my tower site to reduce broadcast.
I have customers on different tower using lan extension VLAN.
My SM management IPs are on one subnet. I want to keep this simple.
If I put routers a tower site I will break my lan extension and I will have to change all my managmenet IP on every SM. Putting every management interface on a vlan should fix my subnet problem. Using a switch to route VLAN should fix my lan extension problem. Anybody can confirm this ?