Configuring ePMP 300-25

I need to deploy 300-25’s on my network, I have ePMP 2000 AP’s with force 190 SM’s currently. Due to Cambium discontinuing the 190’s I have to use a new SM’s, I had this system dropped in my lap and I am just learning how to do this. The first 300-25 I tried to connect doesn’t even see the ePMP AP’s. So does anyone know the process to make this work, thanks

Hi. You’d need to use a later version of firmware (4.5.6 or 4.6.0 for example) on the AP and all the SM’s. You also will need to use compatible settings (5ms frames instead of 2.5ms frames) and 20Mhz channel widths instead of 10Mhz channel widths for example.

Not to worry though - we have many places where we use ePMP1000 and 2000 AP’s with Force300 SM’s, no problem at all.

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Thanks very much, so upgrade the software on the ePMP 2000s I will then have to go to all the force 190’s and upgrade and change the settings on them? This network was created to manage a very large irrigation project and a programmer for the PLC’s has everything behind his own routers so nothing has a direct Internet connection so we can’t use the cnMaestro to upgrade I will have to do one SM at a time.
Thanks for the help.

Hi. Well, if your ePMP’s are setup normally, they’ll all connect to the cnMaestro account… and so you’ll have centralized management o f them in your cnMaustro cloud account – and that includes centralized upgrading all the firmware on the whole network with a couple clicks.

As far as the Frame Size (2.5 vs 5.0 ms) or any other scheduler changes – the scheduler is handled by the AP, and the SM’s “follow”, so things such as frame size, GPS Timing vs Internet timing… all those things can be changed on the SM’s should follow.

More than likely, your system is probably already using 20Mhz wide or 40Mhz wide channels - so that won’t likely need to be changed anyway… not unless it happens to be 10Mhz, which isn’t likely.

Likely the only thing you’d need to do is upgrade the Firmware’s on everything to version 4.5.6, and just make sure the AP is set to 5.0ms and that the channel size is set to 20 or 40. Both of those things (5.0ms and 20/40mhz) are already likely the way it’s set already.

If that’s the case, and if they are already communicating with cnMaestro, then likely just upgrading everything to 4.5.6 will be all you’ll need to get forward/backward compatibility with Force 300’s.

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