Configuring only the User-Defined Overrides (Advanced) on my CnPilot R Series and nothing else

I have read these topics:

And have test routers that I am repeatedly programming however just can't get it right.

I would like to just change a few of the settings in all my routers (500+), in the first instance the power, channel and country code




Channel BandWidth is this RTDEV_HT_BW=1? if so shouldn’t 20=0 and 20/40=1

Problem is it changes all the other settings in my ‘default_home’ AP Group, tried removing information like the SSID1 from WLAN but then it won’t save.  Don’t want the default settings just want current configuration for all other parameters to remain the same.  I have R200 and R201 and looking to introduce R190, the ideal would be they are all in 1 AP/WLAN group, all with unique settings except for the country code, power & Channel bandwidth - whatever happens those 3 settings will sync to the above and all the rest remain the same.

Please help

Yes, for RTDEV_HT_BW 0 is for 20 and 1 is for 20/40.

All configuration represented by an AP Group/WLAN being sent to the device is expected behavior.  We are aware that this is not ideal in some situations, such as the one you describe here.  We have been actively discussing possible solutions to this for a future release.

So at present you have to change all the SSID's to the same (because the router has to be a part of a WLAN group (as well as an AP group) that has to a SSID setting) setting if you want to program them remotely? There is no user-defined command that can be entered that will make it ignore the current setting?

Or the other option that would be great is if you could auto populate the settings in cnMaestro from the downloaded router settings file or have a button to complete them from router.

SSID and other WLAN settings can be made device-unique using User-Defined Overrides.  These must be set from cnMaestro though and are not learned from the device.  The below Knowledge Base article details how to do this with examples for SSID and Password.

We are taking feedback for parameters that should be added as built-in overrides.  Please see the below thread and post a reply if there are items you think are missing from the list.

Jordon, sorry for my stupidity but to be clear if I don’t want to change the SSID to the default in cnMaestro ‘cnPilot’ nor the default in the router ‘CAMBIUM_2.4GHz…’ but want to keep what is already set in my router I can enter this  SSID1=${SSID1)  in the User-defined Overrides on CnMaestro and then it will ignore all other settings?

If that is not correct what do I enter in User-defined Overrides on CnMaestro so the SSID doesn’t change?

There currently isn't a mechanism to keep the current setting already running in the router.  The User-Defined Overrides methods lets you set the value within cnMaestro per device so the same value isn't sent to all devices in the AP Group.

Being able to either exclude SSID or read the value from the device to leave it unchanged are options we are considering for a future release.

Set the ssid and password in the overrides or as an override with variable (not in the device itself) - it will override whatever you set in the apgroup 'easy settings' area

Priority for a setting

Low) End Device settings
Mid) Easy wizard settings in apgroup

High) Custom overrides in apgroup

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I have been looking all over for some updated info and have yet to find it.

Is it still the case that we can not put in an override to just keep whatever the device is already set for?

In cnMaestro on the User-Defined Overriedes page it talks about Macros and says this.

Macros are also supported to automatically insert values taken from the device in the format:
%{ESN} for the MAC address.
%{MSN} for the serial number.
For more information please see the “Help” link at the bottom of this page.

However when looking at the help link it basically provides nothing more than the same couple lines. Can we pull any variable we want from the existing router? If so whats the syntax? If not why does it even talk about this?

Hi ryansw1,

Macros currently only support inserting the device’s MAC address or serial number into Advanced Configuration (for AP Group) or configuration templates. Support for these were added to allow for use cases like setting an SSID to include the device’s MAC address as a postfix or setting a default wifi password to the serial number, ect.

I don’t think there’s currently plans to extend this to other device-provided values. You could add this improvement to the Ideas section for consideration by our project managers. I did not find an existing post for this.

If you add a post and link it back here others will be able to upvote it more easily.

Is the macro content visible?
I would like to be able to pull the full 12 digits instead of the last six without the colons as is done in the default config for ESSIDs. IS this a macro, or a script that is run in the devices directly?

The macro content is the same that is displayed in the device Dashboards. Using the MAC address macro will insert the device’s full MAC address, not just the last six.

The macro text is replaced with a MAC address or serial number internally in cnMaestro when constructing the configuration file that is sent to the device. The device itself just gets the MAC or serial number and doesn’t see the macro/replacement variable text.

If I use the MAC variable it has the colons. The default ESSID has the last 6 of the MAC with no colons. What would I use to pull all 12 in the MAC but remove the colon as is done with the default ESSID?

Currently there is not a method to do this automatically. Inserting the MAC address of a device without the colon characters would require adding them per device as overrides. This can be done via the UI or by using the API.

How is it done in the CNPilot R series routers?

I believe the device sets that itself as a default without intervention from cnMaestro.

If you only plan on configuring a small sub-set of configuration settings you could use Templates instead of AP Groups for cnPilot R. This would let the default SSID remain while setting some of the configuration as non-default. I realize this isn’t exactly what you are asking for with the full 12 character MAC.

its some component of the default process within the router. none of the files visible show the script. I could make even the last 6 work if i knew what process is invoked to pull it