Configuring PtP 820 Payload Encryption

Has any successfully configured a link that uses the AES 256 encryption on the Payload Encryption Page?  If so, does the link stay encrypted for more than 12 hours as noted on Session Key Period.  What is the Session Key Period?

Here is how PTP820 AES works.  THis is part of hte user manual. If you want more detaills, please check user manaul.

PTP820 uses a dual-key encryption mechanism for AES:

  • The user provides a master key. The master key can also be generated by the system upon user command. The master key is a 32-byte symmetric encryption key. The same master key must be manually configured on both ends of the encrypted link.
  • The session key is a 32-byte symmetric encryption key used to encrypt the actual data. Each link uses two session keys, one for each direction. For each direction, the session key is generated by the transmit side unit and propagated automatically, via a Key Exchange Protocol, to the other side of the link. The Key Exchange Protocol exchanges session keys by encrypting them with the master key, using the AES-256 encryption algorithm. Session keys are regenerated at user-configured intervals.

PTP820 allow radio to change session keys over the air without service interrupt, which provdie improved seucrity on data encryption.

What the session key period is the interval at which the session key is automatically regenerated.

We have many links deployed in the field today with AES enabled.