Configuring SM on different subnet to AP


I have an ePMP 3000 and an ePMP Force 300-25 set up as a bridge.
Currently both devices are in the same IP range.
Is it possible to set the ePMP force 300-25 IP Address to a different subnet?

All comms are open between the two subnets on this site.

If so, how will the ePMP be configured for this application?

Yeah, it’s totally fine. We have many radios where we use a private IP address for mgmt of the AP, and then we have a public IP for the client with it configured for NAT mode.

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Yes, if everything is set in bridge mode, then you can think of the wireless fabric is just like a long cable. The IP addresses are just to allow you to log in and configure that ‘cable’.

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If you have changed and forgotten the IP? Not exactly through the AP GUI. However, if your AP/router Is DHCPing out numbers, then the connected SM (if it’s configured to do so) would get an IP in the appropriate range, and would be reachable through the AP over the wireless interface.

Also, you can always connect to whatever device you are physically connected to the Ethernet of. with IP. That IP is ‘baked in’ to the ethernet of all ePMPs.

You can also use cnMaestro to configure a device which you’ve lost the IP too, assuming your wireless network is connected to the internet and some basic cnMaestro one touch info is entered.

And tools such as AngryIP can quickly scan a large range of IPs to help find a lost IP. Wireshark is another tool to see what is happening on a network.

As the last resort, there are a couple different methods of resetting a radio to factory defaults. In which case they would revert back to their factory default IPs as well.

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I changed the IP of the SM to a different subnet to rectify some routing issues, though the SM is now inaccessible through the browser. So when I click the IP highlighted in the picture attached, it says ‘site cannot be reached’.
I believe I should have changed the mode of the SM from bridge to router and set a different ethernet IP and kept the wireless IP in the same range as the AP.
I can connect directly to the SM to make changes if need be, was just hoping to avoid travelling to the site.

Is your computer on the 10.1.3.x subnet?
Can you Ping the SM?

So the network is setup as follows:
PMP Wireless:
PMP SM Ethernet:

I’ve adjusted the configuration to NAT mode for the SM.
The CCTV server that’s below the SM is in the range.
With the configuration I have now, I’m able to ping devices on the BMS range that are above the SM from the CCTV server.
But I’m not able to ping devices on the CCTV vlan that are above the SM from the CCTV server.
I also cant ping any devices on the SM side from the AP side.

I know all ports are open between subnets on the AP side, but do I need to open specific ports on the SM side? and is NAT the right mode for this application or is router what I should be using?

Thanks for your help.

Why not just make all the devices part of the same bridged network using IP’s in the same subnet?

The only reason to use NAT on your SM is if you have multiple devices downstream of it that need to share one public IP address.

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Router to internet: (DHCP scope 100-200)
PMP Wireless:
PMP SM Ethernet:
Clients via DHCP:

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