Configuring SNMP on cnPilot E-series

Configuring SNMP

Cambium cnPilot E-Series support versions 1, 2c, and 3 of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for reporting purposes only. In other words, SNMP cannot be used for setting values in an E-series in the current Software version.

OIDs supported on E-seies can be seen here:

We can configure SNMP through CLI and GUI.



1. To enbale SNMP traps, we have to configure SNMP trap ip, which will be the ip of trap reciver.

2. To secure SNMP mib request, we can configure read and write community setting.

3. To enable SNMPv3, configure SNMP user. 

CLI Configuration


GUI Configuration

Load MIB file to MIB browser



MIB browser SNMP community string setting

Cambium E-Series SNMP MIBs

AP table view

Radio table view

WLAN table view

Client table view

Mesh client table view

Cambium E-Series SNMP traps view