Configuring VLANs

Hi all,

I've recently purchased my first cnMatrix Switch and have been testing out all of the bells and whistles. Kudos to the cnMatrix team for the Policy Based Automation which I love!

I seem to have hit a stumbling block when configuring VLANs (I'm likely just missing something simple).

Here is what I am trying to do:

Setup port 1 as a trunk port (going to a router) with VLAN10 and VLAN20

Setup port 2 as an access port tagging all traffic to VLAN20

The problem I have is that devices on port 2 aren't getting an IP address. The router is taking care of DHCP not the switch, also the router has been configured to use both VLAN 10 and 20.

Also when I try to push to default VLAN config from cnMaestro I get the following error: % Invalid Command% Invalid Command% Invalid Command

I've attached my config file.


Please make sure the router is set up with a DHCP pool for vlan 20.

Also since port 2 is configured in access mode, it only accepts and transmits untagged frames from/to connecting device. Please make sure the connecting device accepts and transmits untagged frames.

Please share the config template that you pushed from cnMaestro onto the switch. The template must contain all CLI commands in the correct sequence as you would manually enter on the console.




I have reviewed and discovered an error in the "Vlan Port" cnMatrix config template on cnMaestro which explains the error messages you have encountered. We will make the corrections in the upcoming cnMaestro release.


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Thank you for the response.

I can confirm a DHCP Pool has been created for VLAN20.

Yes, the connecting device shouldn't have a problem with accepting and transmitting untagged frames (I've tested a few devices just to be sure and the result in the same). I've also changed the port to be a Hybrid Port and I've allowed all frame types but the result in the same.

I've manually set the IP address to and have been able to ping both VLAN20 and VLAN10 So it appears to me that traffic coming into port 2 is not being tagged to VLAN20.

I've attached my updated config file.

Hi all,

Just wanted to update this post to say I have fixed my issue. I misconfigured the trunk between the Switch and Router... oops!