Connect Cambium Force 300 AP with a Canopy Lite 5.7 GHz, is this possible?

Hello, i would like to connect ptp one Cambium Force 300-16 AP, with one Canopy Lite 5.7 GHz suscriber (external looks like similar to PMP100) is this possible?
thank you very much

What do you mean by “PM 100” subscriber? Do you mean PMP 100 or ePMP 1000?

thank you Cheree, PMP 100 but in fact it is a Canopy Lite 5.7 GHz

They are not compatible.


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thank yo ver much Fedor, also i have one Cambium 450B to try to connect with de Cambium Force 300-16 , do you known if this is compatible?
thank you in advance

Those are not compatible either.

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thank you very much, Cheree, a lot of time wasted triying to link both radios.

Hi. The ePMP lineup use a different technology than the Canopy & PMP lineup, and are not interoperable. You can connect an ePMP 1000 to an ePMP Force 300, or connect an ePMP Force 200 to an ePMP 3000 AP (lots of compatibility inside the family) but not interoperate between different technologies.


Kind regards my friend!