Connect Ethernet Relay with ISP servers using PMP cambium


I want to connect the ethernet relay used in mining industry to get connected with ISP online servers called azure, before that I am using RF setup consist of cambium point to point network, but the problem is I dont know how can I connect the ethernet relays setup directly to cambium and configure in such a way to control the relay input through internet, So any kind of advice to test this process will be very helpful.

Looks like with that product the two parts find each other if they're on the same LAN, otherwise they connect to Amazon cloud servers and communicate through that.  That being the case, all you should need on the networking side is for them to exist on the same network segment (e.g. bridged radios and switches between them only) or they need to get a routable IP via DHCP and be able to reach the cloud servers.  As far as testing and what-not, that would seem to depend mostly on those devices, not the Cambium radios used to connect them, so on that side of things you might get more useful help at than here.