Connect to cnMaestro with R190W in BRIDGE mode.

I put my R190W in Bridge mode.

Intenet plugged in to WAN port

Turned off Local DHCP server (using Internet device as DHCP server)

As soon as I do this the Internet still works, However, on my cn Maestro panel the device goes offline.

How do I keep the Onboarding with cnMaestro working with the R190W in BRIDGE mode?


Hi Grrgto,

R190W is going offline on the cnMaestro because there is no WAN management IP configured when R190W is in bridge mode. We have below two configuration options to make it work.

Option 1: Login to the web management interface of the R190W. Navigate to Page Administration->Operating Mode. Set Operating mode to Basic Mode. Click Save. Then, Navigate Network->WAN and configure bridge mode with IP configuration on WAN interface. In Basic mode, multi WAN configuration is not allowed and the device can be configured either as a simple NAT or Bridge device.

Option 2: Keep the R190W on Advanced Mode(Default). Then, Navigate Network->WAN and create two WAN profiles as below.

WAN profile 1 - Bridge mode with Internet & voice service

WAN profile 2 - NAT mode with Management service.

R190W will become online on the cnMaestro using Management IP configured on WAN profile 2.

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Okay, my goal is to maintain connectivity between 2 devices on the network, thats why its setup my current way. One device is connect to this R190W WiFi and the other device is connected to the Main Router with DHCP.

Of your 2 methods above, will one be preffered to keep my goal in tact?


Hi Grrgto,

Both option will work to achive the goal because both support bridge mode. These options are giving ability to configure IP addrees on WAN interface which requre to make communication posible betweek R190W & cnMaestro.

Only one differance is thre between these two Options, Option 1 does not support multiWAN feature but on other hand Option 2 supports multiwan feature. You can go for option2 if you want seperate VLAN for differant services(Internet/Management/Voice).

Thank you, option 1 worked great