Connecting cnRanger SM CPE to Baicells 436Q MBS31001-CA

We have a Baicells Nova 436Q in CA mode at a site and want to connect a cnRanger 201 SM as CPE. I have been told to create a dummy base station in Maestro and then attach the CPE to it. I was also told to use a Baicells SIM. Does anyone have specific’s on how to configure this in Maestro? We are trying to replace all our CPE with Rangers but do not want to replace the AP at this point so any assistance would be appreciated.

Please download “CBRS_LTE_Consolidated_Procedures_Guide_v1.4.pdf” from Log In / Cambium Networks Support which contains instructions for adding cnRanger devices as CBSDs, including when used with 3rd party eNodeBs. If you still have trouble, please open a support ticket.

You do have to add the 3rd party eNodeB into cnMaestro. This is done from “Network Services > CBRS” page, where you add devices using “Import Sector” or “Add AP/BHM/RRH” buttons. When you select “Mode” as “RRH”, you will be able to set “Device Type” as “3rd party”.

When you add a 3rd party CBRS device, it is used for display purposes only. cnMaestro will not do CBRS procedures for 3rd party devices.