Hi guys,

I would like to ask assistance regarding my recurring problem using Force 200 which displays lots of RTO's causing delays in the live feed from the CCTV during the aforesaid connection interruption.


  1. Pinging from MONITORING STATION towards TV STATION TOWER is good but towards CCTV is bad.
  2. Pinging from CCTV towards TV STATION TOWER is good but towards MONITORING STATION is bad.
  3. Pinging from TV STATION TOWER towards both direction is good. (if directly connected a laptop in the radio's poe supply) but once connected to the switch, scenario 1 and 2 is experienced.

Actions Taken:

  1. Replaced the switch at the TV STATION TOWER several times
  2. Rewired/Recabled both radios at the TV STATION TOWER
  3. Changed channel several times
  4. Adjusted transmit power several times
  5. Manually set the Ethernet Port speed to 100 Mbps to all radios

Considering the above information, what seems to be the problem?


So two questions that I have right off the bat...

1. Why are you using 40mhz channel width for both of the stations links? Do you really need (potentially) 200mbps of BW between the TV tower station and the two dedicated towers? Most IPTV feeds that I've worked with only need around 10-20mbps tops of BW assuming that you're using a modern encoder. I'd lower your channel bandwidth to 20mhz or even 10mhz to avoid interference and increase SnR.

2. Assuming that you actually need 40mhz channels, you've chosen channels that overlap. Unless you're using back to back frequency reuse via GPS sync, then this is a no-no.

ePMP gives you a number of tools to troubleshoot the RF portion of the link, including a link test function, a ping funtion, an an eDetect function to see if there are other wifi based devices on the same channel. When you use all of these tools, what are the results? By using the radio based tools, this will help isolate the issue and give you clues as to whether or not it's an RF issue, or some issues between the switch and the radio.

Are any of these radios collocated on towers that have high power FM radio stations? If you're using a managed switch, I'd check to see if you're having any ethernet link drops, 100/1gbps flapping issues, or CRC errors to the radios. You can also check some of these on the radio itself, although I tend to lean on the router or switch for this information. If you're seeing an of these you may be experiencing issues with FM interfering with ethernet transmission. You may need to use double shielded ethernet cable runs, shielded connectors, ground everything, and possibly use RF chokes at the top and bottom of the ethernet runs.


All points well taken. Thanks.