Connection temporarily lost.

This is my ePMP 1000 fw 3.3. Console works normally. Only on www can not connect. Still the same mistake. Help me just restart the unit.


Do you have firewalls configured between ePMP device and PC you are trying to open UI?

Could you please check with telent whether port 80 is reachable?

Thank you.

FW id disable, Telnet ready connection. As if the WWW server on Epmp fell. I can not restrain him from the console.

Could you please check whether issue persist after reboot?

You can reboot device from CLI.

Thnak you.

There is no problem after the restart. The problem is that it needs to be restarted. Is not there a way to restartowat www service over a console?

I will contact you offline to investigate your issue.

I've sent you letter at your e-mail address your account is registered at.

Thank you.

same problem here 


Please do not resurrect threads that are over a year old, especially when there is no additional information included in your post. Please start a new thread with your issue. Also provide more information like screenshots of the error, what operations did you do just before the issue happened, firmware version, ePMP model, is this an AP or an SM, are you accessing it remotely via wireless or directly by plugging into the ethernet etc. 



Have you ever upgraded the software on your radios ? You seem to resurrect a lot of old posts saying you have the same problem as people who's problems were due to bugs that have long since been fixed in current versions of the software.  This one for example I think was fixed in 3.4.1 or 3.5.    I'm guessing because I remember several software versions ago the radios would stop responding to http , snmp and while you could log in via SSH they would not reboot and we no longer have that problem as we are running 3.4.1 on the AP's and 3.5 on the customer radios.

There have been a few more bugs over the last couple of years that resulted in not being able to access the radios via their web interface , without more details there is no way to figure out what exactly is causing your problem.

@Mark_Brown wrote:

same problem here 

Hi again Mark. I think there are probably LOTS of people on here willing to help you out - both Cambium employee  themselves, and just other users.  But, we're all going to need a problem report, in it's own thread, with a good description of the problem, the symptoms, the hardware and firmware versions, and anything we can do to replicate it if possible.  Just saying something like 'me too' or 'been struggling for a year' really doesn't give anyone (Cambium or the Community of us) much option to help.

It's be like reporting that you're having problems driving to town, and that's the only info.  "I can't drive to town again today!" or "I haven't been able to drive to town for a year!"...   Maybe that's an engine problem with your car, maybe you have flat tires, maybe your battery is dead, maybe the road is washed out, maybe your car is out of gas, maybe the engine and battery are both fine - but the transmission is broken, maybe you've been caught driving drunk and you're license is revoked.  These ALL result in ''I can't drive to town again today", but they all have different causes and different solutions.

So, I invite you to start a thread and report your problems, with as much description and details as you have, and let Cambium and Community members help as best we can.