Connectivity through vlan

Hello, I recently enabled an EX1010P switch. The problem I have is that when I want to have connectivity through vlan 33 with a mikrotik device, I cannot ping nor do I have connectivity.

The vlan 33 is created in the ex1010p and enabled in the port that is connected to the mikrotik, in the mikrotik vlan 33 is also created and enabled.

I attached the configuration file.


Vlan 33 no ports… in which port is mikrotik?
Fix cinfig in matrix and provide mikrotik config

Hi Franco, in your config vlan 33 shows no ports are assigned to this vlan. Can you please try again to configure this and if you still have issues then please report config and let us know which port is connected to you Mikrotik. device. Also, on your Mikrotik device, is vlan 33 tagged or untagged? Which ever it is please make sure to match that on the ex1010P switchport.

Sorry, I uploaded the wrong image, this is the current configuration of vlan 33.


This is the configuration of vlan 33 in the mikrotik:

Hi Franco, does the microtik egresses untagged for vlan 33? If so, you need to set the PVID to 33 for the EX1010P’s switch port connecting to the microtik.
Please run the CLI command “show mac-address-table” and look for the Mikrotik’s mac address to confirm the Mikrotik’s mac address is learned on VLAN 33.

Hi TamN, currently the mikrotik has the Use Service Tag enabled.

Below I attach the mac tables of each of the devices.

Sorry, I meant to display the FDB MAC table on the switch. I would like to confirm if the Mikrotik’s MAC or any other MAC address is learned in VLAN 33 on the switch.
You can also open a Cambium Support ticket to have a support engineer assist with the troubleshooting. Let me know the ticket number so I can follow up.