Connectorised version of the Force 4525L?

Is a connectorised version of the 4525L (or the 4525) planned for the Force 4000 series?

Similar to how we have the Force 300 CSML which is what we use whenever we need a higher gain dish?

Even better would be a 30dbi 4525L model, similar to how Ubiquiti has the PowerBeam AC 620 29dBi model.

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F400C is F300 CSML analogue for the AX generation.
No plans for any other connectorised SM in 2024 so far.


The problem is the 400C is far too expensive as a subscriber module. It would be great if a lower cost radio or larger integrated dish options could be considered for the roadmap.

The lack of will hold us up from upgrading large parts of our network to ePMP4500 series where 15-20km shots are not uncommon.


I concur with @jessearcher .

Assuming 10Km limit on F425 + range extender*, then realistically, options for distant clients will either be Ubiquti :frowning: or crossing my fingers and hoping for backwards compatibility for F300 CSM & CSML within 12 months.

  • Why can’t Cambium modify the F425L to work with the range extender?