Connectorized ePMP case design problem

We have deployed a ton of ePMP access points and connectorized SM's and are starting to have a major issue crop up....the plastic cover over the leds comes off and water gets in the holes and fries the radios. There is essensially just a piece of clear plastic tape over the led holes in the case. 

I got the same problem in 1 device. I thing you should go for RMA as your initial step. I believe they wil consider this issue ASAP.

Yes.  Please contact Cambium Support to RMA the devices.  How many do you have like this and how long have they been deployed?

So far just two that I know of. We are going to go back to our first deployment site and check the ap's to see how they are holding up. I really hope this is just a rare failure and not something that is going to happen to all our radios. Its only been about 3 months since we started deploying.

i had this happen to one device aswell

Please RMA the devices by contacting Cambium support. We're investigating the problem trying to understand why the labels peel away. 

Please share any and all MAC address information while you work on the RMA. This will allow us to promptly understand if this is related to a range of devices. Appreciate your patience and we promise we will take care of this issue and share information as soon as we uncover them.




Model: C058900P122A

Dear Mr. Sakid

   We also have same problem with a conectorze Radio. The MAC address is 000456C58553. 

Thank you for sharing the MAC address information. We will post an update on this topic this week.


I had bad luck, I installed my epmp1000 in one day and the next day after the rain completely spoiled, send to RMA, this is a manufacturer of the problem for sure. MAC: 000456c5a512

 2015-02-21 09.47.02_v3.jpg

The solution I found to ensure the more than 500 units installed between connectorized and integrated, will apply silicone putty to ensure that no label release.

Thank you for that work around of putting the gel.

Please feel free to RMA these units and we will certainly take care of the replacement.

I take it this problem has not been resolved ? I say that because just yesterday we took a brand new radio out of the box and the LED cover/sticker was laying in the box. This radio was a 5Ghz connectorized SM from or most recent order and since  these things have been on back order pretty much everywhere over the last few months so I'm assuming (possibly incorrectly) this was not a radio that had been setting on a shelf somewhere for months.  

I just filled/covered the LED holes with silicone (they are pretty much useless anyway unless you are doing installs in the dark) and installed it. This is the 2nd one in the last month we have seen this on and now I'm  wondering how many labels will be falling off radios we have already installed...

We have about 100 units deployed of this model, is there a specific bad batch? Or should we expect to see this on many of our already deployed radios?


I actually noticed a new much larger clear sticker that was installed on the radios I unboxed last week. I had wondered what the reason for it was, but it appears this is it. I assume that that clear sticker on the outside of the unit that covers an area about 4'' by 2'' across the existing LED panel is the fix for this hardware version of the radio. I will see if I can dig up a picture. But I suspect your vendor had some older stock that you were sold.

We just got a box in yesterday and these radios did have the large clear tape over the LED sticker like you say. The tape has wrinkles/air bubbles in it all over though. One of them the large clear tape had an air bubble/wrinkle from the top edge down across the LED sticker making a nice little resivor to collect and hold water on the LED sticker...  Sloppy FCC stickers stuck on all caddywhompus over some other regulatory sticker. Really looked like a referb radios or something.

I've just pulled two connectorized units out of service, 1 lasted 1 night, the other 1 week. Both stickers are missing and units I suspect died from water damage.

A sticker doesn't make the IP rating very good in my opionion, something needs to be directly integrated to the case to stop this I would of thought?


Please contact support to RMA these units and get them replaced.


HI Luis,

They are under RMA already, although this process still is quite costly. Aside from the cost of rolling a team to troubleshoot, change, downtime etc, I then have to RMA from PNG to Australia, then it goes from there to UK/America I believe, then back in reverse. Thats about a 16-20 week turn around time for me. Not great.

And I have just had another fail, not real impressed with this sticker!