connettorized and integrated ?

two radio ptp600 (1 connectorized and 1 integrated) may be associated with each other ?
there is some stuff to change and to do or must i rearm all radio with the mac of the other end ?
i must make a swap … so before creating some downtime i want to be sure … :slight_smile:

thank you

Hi Spokke

Yes - Integrated and connectorised radios can be linked together without any problems.
A few things to check

- Both ODU’s should be running the same version of software
- You will need to change the target MAC address on both units with the new values
- You will be installing external antennas at one end - so will need to make sure that you go through the alignment procedure.

I would update your LINKPlanner project with the new antenna details - you will then see the predicted Rx values, and be able to check against these values when you complete the installation.