consolidate accounts

Not sure the right subforum for this post, hoping it comes to the attention of the appropriate parties.

I'm wondering if there's any way to consolidate multiple accounts.  I've somehow ended up with three separate logins for these forums:  "newkirk", "Joel Newkirk", and "Joel Newkirk_1".

I'd really like to be able to select one of them (email address) and roll the other two in.


Also, how do I change the email address for an account??


It's not a huge thing, I guess, but annoying.  And being able to change email address seems critical to me - it'd be pretty shortsighted to presume that everyone will always have the same email address.


Hi - I am looking into this as we have a Single Sign on Setup.


'newkirk' was set up first, years ago, with an email address in a domain I own.

'Joel Newkirk' was set up more recently, with an email address here at work.

'Joel Newkirk_1' I think is a relic of the separate ePMP forum the past year or whatever, which would have also been 'Joel Newkirk' but I guess got the _1 suffix when posts and accounts were migrated to the newest forum platform.

'Joel Newkirk' (newkirk@esc...) is the account to keep, if we can consolidate but cannot change email.  If there is somewhere to change email address that I just haven't found yet then keep 'newkirk', the oldest of the three.


Hi Joel,

I'm afraid there's no way to consolidate your accounts within the community - all you can do is choose to use only a single account in the future. It's entirely up to you which one you choose.

We haven't yet built the user interface for changing the email address associated with an account, but until we do I can change it directly in the database. So if you let me know exactly which community account you want to keep, and which email address you'd like associated with that account, I'll fix it up.

Sorry for the complication,


OK, I'll  use 'newkirk' going forward, and change the email address once you get the interface available.  (all three email addresses are valid, so no complication on that front)