Control slots

Motorola says that when control slots are added it reduces the throughput, by how much will the throuhput be reduced?


It depends on how many you select, I couldn’t figure out why my max download was 1.5 meg. after adjusting the slots our max down is 2.5 meg with an up load of around 900

I do know all the ap’s on the tower need to match completely except the color code of course

To fully understand what you are asking and the replies, you need to firm grasp on Canopy’s frame and slot implementation.

Download the Canopy System User Guide, read the sections on upload and download frames and slots. I think understanding how those principals work will answer your questions of reduced throughput when increasing control slots.

Sorry to pull out the “give a man a fish, teach a man to fish” philosophy on you, but I really think this will give you a much better answer then anyone could pound out in a 80-word reply.


no problem i am just looking for opinions. i have to review the manual again.

ahull is correct. The release notes under setting up hardware scheduling can be helpful also.

Thanks fellas I 'll read the sections.

1 slot will reduce/increase depending on what settings we do by 200 kbps