Convert Old P8 AP's to SM's with Hardware Scheduling

Isn’t there a way to take my old P8 AP’s and covert them to hardware scheduling SM’s?

change to sm mode on configuration page. then use CNUT hardware scheduling tool to change to hw sched.

Tried that. Doesn’t work.

APs no.

Only works with SMs

stupid question
did you save changes and reboot after making the change to SM mode?


Justin - there is a way to do it as thats what Moto used a few years back to sell the transition. Retire the old AP’s, convert them to SM’s and upgrade your AP’s…

EDIT: I misread your post i thought you were trying to make them HW sched. APs.

We have tried this with some P8 5.7 APs when we got in a pinch, and they wouldn’t accept anything over 7.3.6 even when in SM mode.

Apparently you have to contact Moto support which gives you a string of feature keys to load. This will make the AP a SM - no longer switchable back to an AP. Once that happens you can use the hardware scheduler tool in Cnut and upgrade them to v8 or v9