Cookie missing when try enter cambium ID

Best regards. I have successfully run cnMaestro on a virtual machine. I got to the step:
“cnMaestro On-Premises instance must be connected to a Cloud Anchor account in order to complete installation”
After enter cambium ID and key I have error “Cookie missing”

Hi @MaxDin ,

Could you please let us know which cnMaestro version you are using and also please share us the error screenshot.


Best regards.
I use “cnmaestro-on-premises_4.1.0-r3_amd64”

Hi @MaxDin ,

We can see that the account you are trying to connect is a NMS account not ANCHOR account. Please recheck and try connecting to ANCHOR account.

Please let us know if you still face any issue while connecting to ANCHOR account.


How I can create ANCHOR account?

How I can change from NMS to ANCHOR?

When I create new acc I have error “User not allowed to create management account”

Go to > Sign in > Click on Add New Account > Select Account Type as Anchor while creating.