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Running a small wisp with about 100 clients max clients on the site is about 200. I have been using UNT Edge Router lite as my router but now I am seeing pretty high cpu useage and I think I have outgrown the device. I am wondering what you guys are using for sites under 200 clients. 


After starting our wisp with Cisco routers, we then dabbled with early Mikrotik, then tried Juniper, then short tests with UBNT edgerouter, we're now back to Mikrotik and their Cloud Core Router line. We now use Mikrotik for routing at every site (we run a fully routed L3 network w/OSPF) and a mixture of Cisco and Netonix for switches. For 200 users you'd be fine with something like a CCR1009.

Thanks would this still handle it if providing 6mb to 10mb per client. 

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Thanks would this still handle it if providing 6mb to 10mb per client. 

Yes. Take a look at the product page HERE, which also has a grid at the bottom of the page outlining various ethernet test results in certain situations.

+1 on the CCR1009.  We use them at busier towers (and distribution towers feeding other sites), RB3011 for smaller sites, and CCR1036 as core router at the shop and at our biggest distribution tower site (backhaul and fiber upstream, 7 backhauls feeding 11 towers downstream).  We usually pair them with a CRS125 24-port gigabit switch for port-by-port monitoring per AP and BH from a site.  (three such switches in the NOC, partitioned into 9 8-port switches)

One note on the Mikrotiks - keep the software updated, AND the firmware.  First is system->packages, second is system->routerboard.  We've had problems before, fixed when I realized the firmware wasn't updated.  We do see occasional weirdness, like the core router inexplicably rebooted last night at 1:30am, but low incidence - for the price they serve us well.


Thanks for the direction on the router. It seams to be working very well. Much better than the edge router. The edge router was stopping video streaming and hitting high cpu which caused the stream stop. 

Can't go wrong with MikroTik.  Responsive and clear interface.  Endless configuration options.  Excellent reporting.  Hardware getting better all the time.  Except the wireless part.  Pretty useless in that arena. 

Set up the VPN for remote access.   Works beautifully.

If you try Webfig use IE.  Chrome and Firefox will return unpredictable resurts.  Like scrambling your p/w and incomplete changes.  And beware of oddities in version upgrades.  The latest Switch OS will change your device from a static IP configuration to DHCP and you cannot do anything to prevent that.  

Backup your config.  New Terminal>export file=config  Find it under the Files tab and drag to desktop.  Rename with date.  

MikroTik wish list - A Perfromant R-FLO style solution for LAG and redundancy.

Also, the Winbox .exe can discover some of your ePMP hardware.