Correct transmitter and antenna gain information?

This is mostly directed at the technical specifications for Canopy, as the desired information is very vague on the information sheets.

I use path calculation software to predict whether or not our long-haul paths will actually work. This software requires specific transmitter output power numbers and specific antenna gain numbers as part of its calculations. Unfortunately, the technical sheets available only have phrases like “4W EIRP” or “Within FCC Specifications”. These obviously do not plug into the formulas of the path prediction software.

I would specifically like to know the peak transmitter power (PEP) for each canopy radio available, as well as the actual isotropic gain figure for the integral antenna for each unit, and the actual isotropic gain figure for the parabolic reflector antennas used.

My current best estimates are in the range of 200mW/+23dBm for the 57BH20 radio, and +26dBi gain for the parabolic reflector. I really need more precise numbers for not only the 57BH products, but all others as well.