Cost effective hotel Wi-Fi deployment

Happy to share with the community this video testimonial on cnPilot Wi-Fi deployment at hotel Aquarios in Mexico.


The quick facts:

Location: Hotel Aquarios, Baja California

Baja California is known as the birthing ground of gray whales. Tourists come from aroudn the world to this scenic location

The hotel:

  • 400 Sq. Ft. conrete constuction
  • Ecotourism. International guests
  • Wi-Fi for: VoIP, Social media, streaming,
    employee SSID
  • Guests: Avg. 4 ~ 6 devices per check-in

The Challenge:

  • Better performing than incumbent
  • Keep to a tight budget
  • Handle interference
  • Deal with Concrete construction
  • Coverage: Guest rooms, Ball rooms, Conference rooms, Pool area, Restaurant and Sports bar
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I m p r e s i o n a n t e!!!!!!!

We've had a lot many more deployments of the E400 in hotels and resorts. If anyone on this forum would like to share a few lines on your deployment and experience, please do so

Hi, sorry about my English. My name is Daniel. I'm trying to put wifi in a hotel , it have 50 rooms. I'm thinking in use E400 for hallways o hall ( I'm not sure about is the name correct in english) , these are the way where all rooms are connected. For outdoor I need a Directional AP to " iluminate" from outdoor the windows of rooms. My local provider ofer to me E500, but it's Omnidirectional. It's my first proyect with Cambium and I'm not sure E500 is the best option. Can you help me to choice?
Thank you in advance!


You can use the E501S, which is similar to the E500 except that it has a sector (directional) antenna. You'll find the spec sheet here

e501S is a good option for 90-120deg sectorized directional coverage. You can mix e500, e501S, and e400 together to get the full coverage that you need. 

Ok... thank you to all members. In my country there are only 2 cambium providers .. and the E501S is not imported .. then it's not posible implement with a  outdoor sectorized directional coverage.