Could a 450M 3GHz support 3900 - 3980MHz?

Thanks Matt, appreciate the update.

Thank you for the update!

Any further update on this? Is this now available?


Hello Al, we are looking at a mid-July availability of the 3 GHz 450m (B Version) that will support up to 3980 MHz.

Thanks Ryan, do you know if the process for applying for the 3.9 licenses in Canada has been finalized? I’m having trouble finding clear information from ISED on the process. Is the process similar to what was used for the 3.65 licensing?


I would expect the licensing process to be similar as it is today. ISED still hasn’t finalized the technical requirements on the new spectrum. The new 450m radio will support 3900-3980 MHz however it won’t be available for use until ISED releases the spectrum.


Thanks for jumping in Ryan.

He is correct. The 450m hardware that will ship as of July (C030045A101B) will be capable of operation up to 3.98 GHz without degradation in performance, but can only be approved for use (in the new band) once ISED releases the new regulations, which has not yet occurred.