Counting Kudos

Kudos are the way that community members acknowledge the contributions of other members. It is also a great way to quickly determine the credibility of an author. You can see the top Kudoed authors and posts on the right side of the page.

One thing to know about Kudos – the ones in the FORUMS “expire” after 30 days (the ones attributed to IDEAS do not expire). The count of older Kudos applies to the member ranking level in the system, but only Kudos given in the  last 30 days are shown in the system. This is the case so that great contributors continue to contribute, and that all members have an opportunity to stand out over a rolling 30 day period. So, if you see someone’s Kudo level decrease – it is not a bad thing, all it means is that the Kudoed content is more than 30 days old.

I encourage all members to Kudo the posts that you think are of value – whether they are new posts that launch a topic, or great responses to a topic.