saludo. es posible cambiar  el Country/Region   a un equipo que solo  tiene estados unidos.  Tengo varios equipos 

que tienen multiples  Country/Region   a elegir   pero e arquirido un equipo  que solo tiene  esados unidos .  es posible  cambiaar este pais. Estoy en Republica Dominicna. gracias 


I apologize in advance If I misunderstood your question (tried to use Google translate but its not very accurate in this case). 

I think your issue is that one of the units you have does not allow you to change your country code and is locked to United States. If that's the case, you were potentially shipped an incorrect model number. The United States locked radio is sold and used in FCC regions. If you are not in an FCC region, you should be able to return the radio to your distributor/seller and get a ROW (Rest Of World) radio as a replacement.