CPE in NAT router + bridged VLAN at the same time?


I asked this long time ago but after last incorporations in the CPE regarding VLAN, I'm asking if this scenario is possible:

CPE is configured as NAT router (WAN public IP and LAN is DHCP server, etc..)

Then I'm in the need to bypass an VLAN from the WAN side (wireless) tagged to the LAN side (same tagged VLAN).




nope... i used this setting for voip in ub** world . But since i swap to cambium i have to bridge the antenna and pray for the user to upgrade is router :P


I'm using this in ubnt, albentia, etc.. in order to pass voip. NAT doesn't specially play well voip if there are more than one phone line or fax t.38

This may be fixed if cambium provide SSH access to the SM and an "autorun" shell script to be programmed by us as per our needs..

Cambium any chance?



the CN pilot would be good for you here, its a pretty awesome little box. 

back to the post, as an alternative, if your phone box supports a vlan, you can use your CPE to strip the customers WAN traffic, let the vlan hit the customers ATA and only allow 2 macs to hit the CPE, your customer would have to use a router and one more mac is setup to hit the ATA and you'll end up with the end result your after.