CPE with 0 km distance

Hi to all

Some CPEs are very close to the BS, even under half a km, and show zero km as distance.

What could be the impact on performance?

There really shouldn't be any impact on performance. The AP automatically sets the air-time distance to all clients, it doesn't have to be exact, just pretty close. The only thing I would be a little worried about having clients that close would be to make sure that your automatic transmit power control (ATPC) on the AP isn't set to high... this will keep close up clients from blasting the AP on the uplink and saturating it... which would cause performance issues. I'd probably set the ATPC to around -60 or -65.

Are you having some sort of issues?

No, for now I don't have issue, also because max loaded sector has 13 cpe.

Just to make sure.

I deregistered SM with distance 0 and done tests on the others: their uplink tests remains at 10 Mbps (20 MHz, 75/25, low noise). Downlink tests is about 70 Mbps.

ATPC is at -60 dBm.

I noticed that some SM I deregistered, after they reconnect, they get a "real" distance.


It will not have any negative impact either performance nor ATPC.

Thank you.