CPI and Admin role

Is it possible to have a user that is both an admin and CPI in the cloud cnMaestro? Our CPIs are frustrated having to log in and out all the time to do their jobs.

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Sorry, currently we don’t support this like single user with multiple roles.
we will consider this as a feed back and work with engineering team to implement in future releases.
Durga Prasad K

Does this apply for on-prem (2.4.1) as well? Specifically looking to have users with both CPI & Operator roles without making them ‘Super Admins’.

Is there any back end or under-the-hood editing for creating custom roles?

Hi ,

Yes this is applicable for 2.4.1 as well. There is no backend way to create custom roles . Sorry for the inconvenience caused and will try to get this done in the upcoming releases.


@KR1 is this still the case in 3.0.x on-prem?