CPU loading

I'm testing a gps sync'd epmp1000 access point with 2 connected subscriber modules.  CPU usage on the AP is continously between 80 and 100% and most of the time it's above 90%.  In another post, we were informed that the SNMPd crashes were caused by the process being "starved" of cpu.

So, if with just 2 subscriber modules connected, the access point is hitting 100% usage, what sort of network performance can be expected when I install 20 subscriber modules?

Details of the test:

Each of the 3 epmp units had a linux server connected to them running iperf.

The AP and SM 1 were at version 2.1 firmware

SM 2 was at version 2.3 firmware

Radios set to 40MHz channel width in band B

75/25 ratio

AP total throughput was 60 Mbs down to SMs, 45Mbs up from SMs

Hi Ian,

Your AP will work fine with many SMs.  We have some customers that are running in the high double digits.

Some CPU utilization is being caused by the GUI, but this does not starve or hurt the driver for either the LAN or OTA interface as they have priority.

Also, in recent releases we have taken steps to lower the CPU utilization from the GUI.  Again, this will not affect your AP talking with many SMs.

In the past we have fixed some issues with snmpd.  If you migrate to the latest version of software, there are no known snmpd issues.  But even on earlier releases, this should not affect you as snmpd issues did not happen all that often and did not affect the performance connecting to other devices.


thanks for the reply.

I did notice that the GUI is a bit sluggish.  I had hoped to ssh in and use top instead to measure cpu usage but it isn't there in the current release.  Can top be added at some point?