Creating floorplans for a group of APs at one site.

We currently have a site set up in cnMaestro which has 3 floors with many access points. The floor plan that has been created is compressed as it shows all 3 floors and is hard to read and use.

I am trying to have 3 seperate floors set up so that we can see each individual floor plan clearly but still be able to look at the whole of the 3 floors as a whole and not have to analyse each floor individually for management. Is there a solutuon to this problem or do they have to be seperate?

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Hi James -- currently each Site only allows a single floor plan, so the Site aggregations are per-floor. We are planning to extend the Site concept to model a building, which would allow for many floors. I expect this functionality to be available this summer. If all devices in the building have the same configuration (i.e. map to the same AP Group), you could assign a dedicated AP Group to the devices . The AP Group Dashboard would provide similar aggregations to the Site Dashboard, though without the benefit of the building (yet).


Any news on multiple floor plan option?

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Appreciate that Cambium invest time to support site with multiple building with multiple floor each

Hi!! 5 years from the first post and no multiple floors at the november 2022, it’s not necessary but…

Hi diegobbo – multiple floors are supported in a Site as an X feature.

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