CRITICAL - After yesterday's cnMaestro update, Geuest Portal does not work!

Yesterday around 1 p.m. Cambium was uploading an update to the cloud. After this update, Guest “Public Internet for Everyone” login and other free access systems do not work.
I have dozens of phones with reports.
Can you check what causes such a CRITICAL SITUATION!!!

The problem is that after connecting to the network, the free network login window does not pop up.
IP is granted.

It happened to everyone at the same time, yesterday around 2-3 p.m.

@PFR could you please share the cambium id details to

thanks for reporting the issue. we have already resolved the issue.


Thx for fast and proffessional support :slight_smile:


Again same situation @Anish please look @ the server enviroment.
Clients dosen’t have pop up windows to login to the Free Network.

Hi @PFR ,
We have fixed it. Could you please check now and confirm.



Well done !
Checked and it is fixed :slight_smile: