Critical - cnMatrix ex1010P does not power any devices connected via a shielded ethernet

Almost 2 years ago I made installations in which I connected 2 e505 devices to the ex1010P switch.
From the beginning, we’ve seen e505 devices wake up after a few minutes, a few hours, or more after a switch reboot.
Recently, these times have changed up to a few days.
Today we checked the cables, plugs, everything ok.
However, connecting the device for a short time did not change the situation.
I thought there would be an RMA, but I don’t give up that easily.
Looking at the show power command … on the switch, I saw that both ports are in the DETECTING state.
Something made me change the PoE mode from 802.3 to Hybrid (which bypasses detection). And what ? !
Plask started everything right away! after reboot? It starts right away.
Status instead of detecting changed to Override and everything works fine.
I submitted a ticket to the site, please take care of the matter because it is at least strange that this is happening :slight_smile:

I hope this case helps someone :slight_smile:

After testing, I clearly state that cnMatrix ex1010P does not power any devices, either Cambium or other manufacturers, when they are connected via a shielded ethernet cable.
It is necessary to switch the mode from 802.3 to Hybrid - but it is dangerous for devices.

The problem does not occur on ex1028P - I do not have currently others models

Please look into the matter urgently!

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