CRM/Inventory/AAA/Billing system?

About that time to beat the topic again.

What’s everyone using these days for CRM, inventory management, AAA, and billing?

We want to find something that does all and integrates decently. We’re sick of having 4 different systems to keep track of with user information for each customer in each system.

We’ve found a couple systems that look good but the price is ungodly. We’re even open to open-source as long as it performs well and incorporates as much of our needs as possible.
Vtiger and quickbooks just isn’t cutting it anymore.

I’m interested in this as well. Access Database’s and Excel Spread Sheets just ain’t friendly or efficient.

we are almost done writing our own crm software that uses snmp and radius for network management… it will do billing and service scheduling and plenty of other features… im hoping it will be live by jan 1 and we have talked about having other companies beta before we put it up for sale