CRM systems

I’m still caught on which CRM system to use to track service for our customers & also track the sales process all the way up to the install for our customer. We were originally looking at vtiger ( but was wondering what everyone else is using. vtiger just doesn’t fit the B2C model the best so I don’t want to jump on it if there is something better.

So please, suggestions either open-source or license-based. If we have to pay (not a lot though) then we would rather get something that works well.

we use vtiger, you can customize the ticketing system to do practically anything you want it to do. it is pretty nice for a open-source…

We’re also using vtiger, although we’re just getting started in it. We also don’t forsee clients using it at this point. But if you’re handy with PHP, you can really make it do anything…

any customization forum or paper on fine tuning it for canopy?

i’ve got a lot of reading to do… :slight_smile:

CVS: Can your custumers open a ticket on vtiger by themself?

We use a complete network management solution by a company called Azotel.
It is both a CRM (customer database, invoicing, direct interface with banking system) and also a network management tool (bandwidth & IP management etc.)

It is designed around Canopy and will take an installed canopy SM, automatically provision it, enable new IP and send customer to invoicing queue.

It is fee based, but very economical to start to use and they provide fulltime support.

Would be worth having a chat with them -

John - Airwave Internet


No, we are just getting going internally, so that may come down the road, but I’ve got to get us all used to it before we open that particular can of worms.

we just went with power code, so far im errmm about it, seems to have alot of potential, but i think the learning curve is going to be pretty high to utilize it, especially since it has no functional user manual