Currently facing issues with making API calls to create plan/policy as well as to generate voucher codes within a policy

CnMeastro Type = CnMeastro Essentials
Version = 4.1.0-r3

I am currently facing problems with getting a client id and client secret to connect to “cnMaestro RESTful API” on v2. I have three problems I am facing right now

  1. How do I get the API Client navigation tab?
  2. How do I set the “client_id” and “client_secret” manually because I tried setting one and using it in API authorization header and it gave me an error?
  3. In the above(issue 2) can you choose to manually set “client_id” and “client_secret” over using the default “client_id” and “client_secret”?

I believe the API requires cnMaestro X. It is not available in cnMaestro Essentials.

Oh okay … Thanks a lot.

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